Vochlea's 2022 In Review!

2 min read • 19th Dec 2022
2022 was a busy year for our team and in this article we’re going to go month-by-month to break down the progress we’ve made to improve Dubler 2. You can scroll to the very bottom of the page for a shorter video summary as well!

January 2022 

When 2022 kicked off Dubler 2 had only been out for 3 months, having been released to the public on September 28th, 2021. Though Dubler 2 introduced a ton of new features, the key difference was that our Voice-to-MIDI software could now be used with any dynamic microphone.

Be sure to check out our “What’s New With Dubler 2?” article to see what the other key differences from Dubler 1 were at the time of release!

May 2022

In the first four months of 2022 we focused on minor user interface improvements based on feedback we were receiving from our users.

The first major update to Dubler 2 - the Audio Setup Wizard - arrived in May. The goal of this new tool was primarily to make the audio setup and calibration experience easier, especially for Windows and ASIO4ALL users!
setup audio
Our Wizard easily guides through the process of setting up your soundcard/audio device, calibrating a microphone and making sure that all settings are in place to be able to set up Dubler 2 as a MIDI controller in your DAW.

May also saw the addition of French and Japanese language options in Dubler 2 and on our website. Launching in Japan was one of the most exciting moments of our year!

If you speak Japanese, check out our Japanese content compilation to see what Japanese artists and producers have been saying about Dubler 2!

July 2022

The summer months ushered in a complete redesign of the Key Tab interface, which helps users lock to a scale depending on their melodic ideas, as well as the introduction of Auto Key Detect which allowed users to find the right key for their idea quicker than ever!

What’s more, Auto Key Detect is available directly in the Play Tab, allowing you to determine and select a key without even needing to navigate to the Key Tab.

August 2022

In August we launched in South Korea, translating Dubler 2 and key pages on our website into Korean!

We also added Italian as a language option in the app shortly after and released a full walkthrough of Dubler 2 in Italian:

October 2022

Our biggest update of the year was the introduction of the MIDI Capture companion plugin that allows you to record cleaner pitch MIDI, without having to navigate back and forth between the Dubler 2 app and your DAW! 

The below video demonstrates how this plugin can be used with four different sounds!

Onward to 2023

We’d also like to thank our amazing community for really embracing Dubler 2 this year and constantly helping us improve the Voice-to-MIDI experience. There’s lots more to come and we can’t wait to share all the things we’re working on - see you in 2023!