Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Is there a trial?
There isn't currently a trial for the software. However there is a 30 day return window for the studio kit and a 14 day window for the software only version, so if you do purchase and decide it's not for you, you can return it for a full refund. You can see our full return terms here.
What is MIDI Capture?
MIDI Capture is a companion plugin to the Dubler app. The MIDI Capture plugin automatically connects and syncs to the Dubler 2 application - and records your melodies directly within the plugin. MIDI Capture then applies a cleaning algorithm, minimising the need to clean up unintended ghost notes and speeding up your workflow.
How is Dubler different to converting audio to MIDI in my DAW?
What we do is very different to most audio to MIDI solutions available in DAWs. Dubler isn’t just pitch-to-midi. With Dubler we use (and learn) all the timbral qualities of your voice. This means you can: accurately trigger a wide range of samples, control pitched instruments, apply pitch bend, control envelope, velocity and 4 CC values simultaneously.

The biggest difference is that we do all of this live, meaning you can hear your voice as any instrument or drum kit in real time. Other solutions out there are done post processing.
What is the return period?
For purchases made for digital products through the Vochlea online store, we offer a 14-day return policy. For purchases made for physical products through the Vochlea online store, we offer a 30-day return policy. You can see our full return policy here.


What is the latency like?
For more information on latency, please see our help pages: Latency

We have frequent cycles of latency reduction— and it changes depending on your personal set-up.

Audio latency refers to a short period of delay (usually measured in milliseconds) between when an audio signal enters and when it emerges from a system. With the Dubler, this will be the time between you making a note with your voice, and when you hear the sound come from your system.

Dubler Studio Kits latency is below the audible range, and we’ve yet to hear any complaints of it being noticeable in anyone’s workflow when Dubler is set-up correctly. That includes testing with a wide range of professional musicians.

Please note, that while it’s possible to reduce latency, it’s impossible to eliminate it entirely.
What are the minimum specs to run Dubler 2?
To run Dubler 2 you will need a device that has either MacOS 10.13+ or Windows 10+
Can I use it in any DAW?
Yes, Dubler works with any DAW that takes MIDI input. Think of Dubler like a MIDI controller but one that uses your voice rather than your hands
Do I need to be connected to the internet?
An internet connection is required just for the first time to initially login. Once this is done you can use Dubler without an internet connection, you will only need to login again if using Dubler on a different machine.
Can I use my own mic?
Yes! Dubler 2 has a calibration process that allows a user to choose their own microphone as the input device and then calibrate it. We always reccomend using a dynamic microphone with Dubler 2.
How many computers can i install Dubler on?
You can download the software on up to three computers, you'll just need to login again when using it on a new machine. Only one instance of Dubler can be running at a time, so you can't use it on two machines simultaneously.
Is Dubler compitable with M1 and M2 Macs?
Yes, Dubler has been tested and runs natively on M1 & M2 Macs.
Is my interface compatible?
Dubler works with all audio interfaces on Mac.

If you're on Windows your audio interface will need dedicated ASIO drivers, these can be found on the manufacturer's website. Some ASIO drivers do not allow for multi-client use, meaning only one app can use the driver at a time. If this is the case then only your DAW or Dubler can use the driver, but not both simultaneously. You can check if your driver supports multi-client use on the manufacturer's website. If you're unsure on whether your interface as multi-client drivers you can contact us here.

If you are using the Dubler mic you can use any audio interface as the output in your DAW, as the driver will not be needed as an input in Dubler.
Recommended interfaces
Focusrite Scarlett Range
Focusrite offer a wide range of interfaces, that all come with fully compitable drivers
M-Audio M-Track Solo
An entry level budget interface that comes with fully compitable ASIO drivers for Windows users
Incompatible interfaces / setups
Universal Audio (UAD) interfaces (Windows)
UAD drivers are currently only available in 64 bit. (This will not be an issue if you are using the Dubler mic as this uses a separate ASIO driver for input)
Steinberg UR series (Windows)
Steinberg UR series ASIO drivers are not multi-client, meaning both Dubler and a DAW can not use them simultaenously. (This will not be an issue if you are using the Dubler mic as this uses a separate ASIO driver for input)
Avid Hardware when used in conjunction with ProTools (Windows)
ProTools takes exclusive control of the drivers when in use. (Not an issue if using the Dubler USB mic)
Yamaha Interfaces
The Yamaha USB ASIO drivers are not multi-client meaning both Dubler and a DAW can not use them simultaenously. (This will not be an issue if you are using the Dubler mic as this uses a separate ASIO driver for input)
If your interface does not come with it's own ASIO driver, or does not support multi-client use, you can use ASIO4ALL as a workaround. You can find out more about how ASIO4ALL works on our help page here.

Disclaimer - An audio interface that provides its own ASIO driver usually performs better than using ASIO4ALL with a generic audio interface. Whilst ASIO4ALL has been fully tested with Dubler, it is not officially linked to Vochlea nor is it the recommended setup.
Can I use MIDI Capture in any DAW?
The MIDI Capture plugin is compatible with all DAWs that support VST3 and AU format plugins. Currently MIDI Capture does not work with Pro-Tools as they do not support these formats.
Why should I use a dynamic mic?
Dynamic mics are preferable for our use case as they are more suited to pick up focused signal sound, and consequently pick up less background sound. We’re interested in just the detectable triggers and pitch sounds from your voice so a dynamic mic helps eliminate any other sounds that might interfere with detection.
Can I use something other than my voice as an input?
We’re focused on the voice, as it’s our natural tool for audio expression, but there is scope to experiment with all sorts of audio inputs— including other instruments, or clicking, clapping or stamping your feet! We stress that whilst you can use other audio sources as an input, this is purely experimental and the results can vary depending on what you use.

Shipping & Payments

How long does shipping take?
If you are ordering to the United Kingdom your purchase will be sent via Royal Mail using their tracked 48-hour courier service. The dispatch date is typically same day or next working day.

For orders placed outside of the U.K. we ship by international courier. Delivery times vary depending on geography. Typically, deliveries to Germany takes 2-3 days, the rest of Europe takes 5-7 days and 7-10 days to the U.S.

Please note that the current outbreak of Covid-19 has the potential to impact delivery services. Postal service disruption varies by country. We are currently processing shipments as normal, however a few select countries have placed restrictions on incoming goods. If in doubt please get in touch. All our shipments include a delivery tracking number.
How can I track my order?
All tracking information will be sent to the email used at checkout once your order has been dispatched. If you do not receive any tracking information after 2 working days please contact support at
Where do we ship?
We currently ship to the following countries: United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, EEC Countries (Countries in the European Economic Area). We don't currently ship to the Canary Islands.
Can I buy Dubler as a gift?
The Dubler Studio Kit can be purchased as a gift at checkout. If you're purchasing the software only version you can transfer the licence to someone else after purchase. Just complete the purchase and then contact support at to transfer the licence.

If you have purchased Dubler 2 Studio kit during our Black Friday sale as a gift, we will be happy to extend the return window during the Christmas period up until Monday 8th January 2024. Any license activations made before the 15th December are not included in this extended return period.
Do you offer split payments?
We currently offer split payments in the UK, Canada and the United States.

Klarna is available to customers based in the UK and Sezzle is available to customers based in Canada and the United States.
Where can I find my invoice?
You can download an invoice via the orders section of your account here.


How can I update my email address?
To update your Vochlea account email please contact us here 
Where's my serial code?
A serial code is only needed if you have purchased the Dubler Studio Kit as a gift or from a retailer.  In this case the serial code will be on a card inside the box. All other licenses are attached automatically to the Vochlea account created with the email provided at checkout