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Bridging the gap between mind and music.


Create beats with your voice

Trigger drum samples instantly by making any percussive sound -- beatboxing, clicking, clapping, or even the sound of a home made drum kit.


Quickly sketch out musical ideas

Instead of recording your latest melody in a voice note, you can now hum that idea straight into your DAW with real-time voice-to-MIDI notation.


Have more control over your sound

Dubler tracks the pitch, envelope, and timbre of your voice to let you control effects, expression, and pitch bend -- all while laying down a melody or beat.

What is Dubler Studio Kit?

Dubler Studio Kit is a live voice-to-MIDI controller. Incorporating intelligent desktop software and a custom USB microphone. Play software instruments, manipulate effects and trigger audio samples through the pitch, timbre and percussive sounds of your voice. All in real-time, and straight into your DAW.

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Dubler studio kit
Dubler studio kit
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Impressively low latency for drums. Adds human expression to synths. Gets you out of old writing habits.


Turn your voice into any instrument.

Dubler Studio Kit makes mapping out ideas from the top of your head a breeze.