The Dubler Microphone

Dubler microphone

Our low-latency USB microphone has been custom designed for use with our Dubler 2 software. It's recognised by the software straight away, so there's no need for any additional calibration. The USB connection means it's great for using at home, in the studio, or on the road—and you don't need a separate audio interface to use it.

Features a high-end microphone capsule and built-in audio interface with double shock housing to reduce accidental MIDI triggers. Start producing music the second the mic arrives, with a reliable, accurate and low latency experience out-of-the-box.

Note: does not include Dubler 2 software. For the whole package, see Dubler Studio Kit 2.

built-in ASIO driver
built-in ASIO driver
plug & playplug & play
perfectly calibrated for Dubler
perfectly calibrated for Dubler

This microphone was made for Dubler, and Dubler was made for it. While you can use any mic you want with Dubler 2, the original Dubler Microphone comes perfectly calibrated to the software. All you have to do is plug it in and start creating.

Dubler microphone
Built-in ASIO driver

Provides low latency results without the need for additional drivers.

Built-in ASIO driver
Double shock housing

Reduces accidental MIDI triggers for cleaner output.

Plug and Play

Recognised by Dubler 2 software straight away— no additional calibration needed.

USB Connected

Great for being at home, in the studio, or on the road— no need for a separate audio interface to use it. (USB-C adapter included)

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Don't yet own Dubler 2?

The Dubler Microphone is available separately as well as together with Dubler 2.

If you don't yet own Dubler 2, you can get both Dubler 2 and the mic at a discount with Dubler Studio Kit 2, and receive a license to Ableton Live Lite for free!

Dubler Studio Kit 2 includes Dubler 2, the Dubler Microphone, and Ableton Live Lite.

Dubler Studio Kit 2

Specifications /

Microphone type
ø 5.52 x 18.2 cm / ø 2.17” x 7.17”
305 g (±10) / 10.8 oz (±0.4)
Cable included
1.2 m / 4' USB-B to USB-A cable / with USB-A to USB-C adapter
USB standard
full-speed 12 Mbps
Built-in audio interface
Custom ASIO driver
Sampling rate
48 KHz / 16 bits
-74 dBV/μbar (±3)
Frequency response
50 Hz ~ 18 KHz
300 Ω (±30%)

Frequency response

Frequency response

Polar pattern

Polar pattern