Dubler for Education

By introducing Dubler to the classroom, we can help inspire the next generation of musicians, producers, and innovators, while providing educators with a powerful tool to engage students musically in new and exciting ways. Providing music Hubs and teachers with the support they need to integrate Inclusive & Accessible Music Tech, through video lesson plans, set up and support, workshops & training.


Revolutionise music education with Dubler 2

What is the one instrument everyone has practised since birth? The voice.
Dubler 2 converts the pitch, rhythm and timbre of your voice into a live controller for software instruments. Empower expression, inspire creativity and bring music theory to life with Dubler 2.

Get Dubler 2 licences, support and ready-to-use resources for your organisation - and bring cutting-edge voice to MIDI technology to the classroom.


What is Dubler 2?

Dubler 2 is a software application that uses machine learning to transform vocal input into MIDI data in real time. It allows students to compose music simply by singing, humming or beatboxing into a microphone.

Whether you're teaching theory and composition, or just looking for a fun and engaging way to get your students excited about music, Dubler 2 provides an intuitive way for students of all skill levels to express their musical ideas and learn.

What isn't Dubler 2?
Dubler 2 is not a compositional AI. We believe in empowering creativity not replacing it.


What's on offer?

Get Dubler 2 for your organisations, plus video chat support with our experts and learning resources to get started. Contact us or reach out to your local music hub for educational discounts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What other equipment do I need to use Dubler 2?

To use Dubler 2 you must have access to a computer, Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) and a dynamic microphone. You can see the full minimum system requirements for Dubler 2 here, we also offer significant discounts on our custom USB mic if your organisation does not have access to dynamic microphones.

How does the application work?

Once you've submitted your interest in our education programme you'll be added to our educators mailing list and will be notified as soon as our full programme is launched. We're currently working hard to develop tailored resources and tools for educators, and you'll be the first to know when we go live!

What key features does Dubler 2 include?
  • Pitch tracking - Dubler's AI-powered technology tracks the pitch of your voice and translates it into MIDI notation in real time.
  • Percussive recognition - Train Dubler to trigger samples or drum racks, based on your own percussive input sounds.
  • Autokey detection - Dubler 2's auto key detection can automatically detect the key you're singing and lock you to that key dynamically.
  • Chord generation - Generate chords based on the root note and key you're in. Create custom chord progressions or use presets, and see which notes make up the chords you're outputting.
  • Control effects and parameters - Use vowel sounds and the tonal qualities of your voice to control effects and parameters in your DAW through CC values.
  • Educational Interface - Dubler has a number of features to help students develop their musical understanding. The pitch wheel tracks input pitch against output note, the piano roll illustrates how this maps to traditional instrumentation and the chord tab displays chord structures and mapping.