Producing Trap With Dubler 2

1 min read • 28th May 2024

In this Artist Feature we're shining the spotlight on UK-based music producer and content creator Prodllb. In a short time LLB has amassed a loyal fanbase of over 90,000 people while also working with the likes of Shordie Shordie, Chip, Jayl Lattz, Antzlive, Brandz, Kairo Keyz & more.

During the first months of Dubler 2's release back in 2021 he released a video showcasing how to use Dubler 2 and Voice-to-MIDI to create Trap music. Check out his slick use of Dubler's chords, pitch-to-MIDI and drum triggers function in the video below!

Be sure to visit the Prodllb website where he provides upcoming music producers with valuable resources including sample packs and tutorial videos.