Setting up with Pro Tools

In this page we’ll be getting Dubler 2 set up in Pro Tools.

First make sure that you have the Dubler application open, and that you’ve followed the in app steps to calibrate a mic. You can find guides for calibrating your mic on Mac and Windows.

In Pro Tools go to Setup -> MIDI -> MIDI Input Devices
Make sure that Dubler 2 is ticked and press ok
After this, head to Setup -> Playback Engine. Here we can set our output and adjust the buffer size to 128 Samples or below in order to ensure the latency is as low as possible when using Dubler.

IMPORTANT: If you're on windows and you don’t have an audio interfaz that comes with it’s own ASIO drivers you'll need to use ASIO4ALL as your output in ProTools in order to get low latency. You can find out how to set up ASIO4ALL here. Once your audio driver is selected make sure the buffer size for the driver matches the buffer size in Pro Tools.
You can now create an Instrument track and select the plugin you’d like to use in the Inserts A-E column.

Once this is done you can select Dubler 2 as the MIDI input in the box labelled ‘All’ on the track

Here you can also select the MIDI channel that you want to receive information from for that track.
By default:
Channel 1 receives MIDI information from the PITCH side of Dubler
Channel 10 receives MIDI information from the TRIGGERS side of Dubler

You can change which MIDI channel each section of Dubler is outputting to via the Assign tab in Dubler.
Make sure the track is armed, and Dubler is now ready to use

MIDI Capture

Unfortunately Dubler MIDI Capture is not support by Pro-Tools as they do not support VST3 or AU format plugins.
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