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MIDI Mapping In Logic Pro X

In this page, we’ll be explaining how to map parameters in Dubler to Logic Pro X. First make sure Logic is set up correctly as shown in our Getting Started with Logic Pro X page.

In Logic select the parameter you want to control. Move the dial slightly with the mouse. Here I have chosen the Drive setting.
Select Control Surfaces → Learn Assignment for “your parameter“.
Alternatively, you can right-click on the parameter and select MIDI Learn.

To map to a vowel:

In Dubler select the MAP button next to the vowel you want to use.

To map to a trigger:

Activate the trigger you wish to use by making the trained sound into the mic.

Back in Logic, a pop-up window will confirm the mapping has been made. You can close this window and the controls should now be mapped.


If you are having issues enter ‘Control Surfaces’ → ‘Controller Assignments’
Ensure you are in ‘Expert View’. 
Make sure the ‘Value Change’ ends in “Lo7” You can change this manually if necessary.
For full rotation of the dial ensure that Mode is on Scaled.
You can also set the minimum and maximum values here for the dial.
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