Setting up with Reason

Head to Reasons preferences
Go to the Control Surfaces section and select Add Manually
Open up the Manufacturer drop down menu and select <Other>
Make sure 'MIDI Control Keyboard' is select under Model. Also at the bottom for MIDI input select Dubler and click ok
Once this is done, navigate to the Audio section in Reason's Preferences. Make sure that the buffer size is set to 128 samples or below to reduce latency
IMPORTANT: If you're on windows you'll need to use select an audio driver in Reason such as ASIO4ALL or a driver that comes with an audio interface to make sure you have low latency. You can find out how to setup ASIO4ALL here. Once your audio driver is selected make sure the buffer size for the driver matches the buffer size in Ableton

Once this is done, you can click OK and exit the preferences.

Make sure your track is armed and Dubler should now be setup to use with Reason. Also please note that the triggers (for drums) sends out MIDI information on MIDI channel 10 where as the pitch side sends out information on MIDI channel 1. To make sure the instrument you want to control isn't taking info from both at the same time you can either turn the side you're not using off in Dubler, or configure your reason rack to receive info from a specific MIDI channel

MIDI Capture

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