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Getting Started with Pro Tools

In this page we’ll be doing a quick set up guide for using Dubler with Pro Tools

First of all make sure the Dubler app is open and the mic is connected as shown by the green logo at top
In Pro Tools go to Setup -> MIDI -> MIDI Input Devices
Make sure that Dubler is selected and click ok
After this, head to Setup -> Playback Engine and make sure the buffer size is set to 128 samples or below. This will ensure that Dubler works with as low latency as possible
IMPORTANT: If you're on windows you'll need to use an audio driver such as ASIO4ALL or a driver that comes with an audio interface to make sure you have low latency. You can find out how to setup ASIO4ALL here. Once your audio driver is selected make sure the buffer size for the driver matches the buffer size in Ableton
You can now create an Instrument track and select the plugin you’d like to use in the Inserts A-E column. 

Once this is done you can select Dubler as the MIDI input in the box labelled ‘All’ on the track
Here you can also select the MIDI channel that you want to receive information from for that track.

By default:
Channel 1 receives MIDI information from the PITCH side of Dubler
Channel 10 receives MIDI information from the TRIGGERS side of Dubler

‘All Channels’ will receive both pitch and triggers information at the same time. If you are using just a pitch instrument or just drums we recommend you choose only that channel to receive MIDI information from
Once this is done you can now arm the track in order to play it
Now Dubler is ready to use
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