Dubler not showing as a MIDI input

If Dubler doesn't show up as a MIDI input in your DAW, the first thing to check is that the Virtual MIDI driver in Dubler's audio device settings is set to on. You can check this by navigating to the cog in the top right of the Dubler app. The Virtual MIDI driver is how DAWs see Dubler as a MIDI input

The button next to Virtual MIDI should be highlighted. If it isn't, try clicking it once to activate it. Dubler should then appear as a input in your DAW

Dubler doesn't allow me to turn the Virtual MIDI driver on

If Dubler won't let you activate the Virtual MIDI driver, there's a chance it hasn't been installed correctly. We recommend uninstalling and deleting any Dubler / Vochlea files on your computer. Once this is done, try reinstalling Dubler from the user portal as usual. A reinstall should hopefully resolve the issue

If after reinstalling, it is still not working, we recommend downloading this Virtual MIDI driver here
After downloading please close and reopen Dubler. The Virtual MIDI Driver should now work in the audio device settings. If you need any help setting this up or have any questions please email help@vochlea.co.uk

The Virtual MIDI Driver is on but I still can't see it as a MIDI input

If the Virtual MIDI Driver is on, but still not appearing in your DAW we first recommend following along with our Getting Started guides depending on what DAW you are using. If the DAW you are using is not on our tutorial page, please drop us an email to help@vochlea.co.uk

If you're on Mac, there's also a chance that the application you are using doesn't recognise our virtual MIDI Driver as an input. Software we are currently aware of that doesn't recognise our driver include MPC Software for Mac and Logic's Mainstage. Dubler can still be used with these applications however you'll need to setup an IAC Driver to do so. You can find our step by step guide on how to setup an IAC Driver here
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