Setting up an IAC Driver on Mac

Some applications on Mac, such as Logic Pro’s Mainstage, won’t automatically recognise Dubler's virtual MIDI driver, meaning it won't be visible as a MIDI input. This is something we’re currently working to fix, but in the meantime you can use an IAC Driver as a workaround.

What is an IAC Driver?

An IAC bus allows you to create a number of virtual MIDI buses. A Virtual MIDI bus can be used to send MIDI information between different applications within your computer.

Setting up an IAC Driver

The driver can be accessed in the Audio MIDI Setup Utility (Open Spotlight and search Audio MIDI setup).

1. Launch Audio MIDI Setup and select “Show MIDI Studio” from the “Window” menu.
2. In the MIDI Studio double-click the IAC Driver Icon to open the IAC Driver Properties.
Note: If you can’t see the IAC Driver Icon, you can select New Configuration from the drop down menu labelled Default at the top. This should then open a new configuration including the IAC Driver.
3. Check the option Device is online to activate the driver. You can also rename the Device ‘Dubler IAC’ in order to identify it more easily.
4. You can enable any number of additional ports (buses) by clicking on the “+” sign where it reads “Add and Remove Ports”.

5. In Dubler, from the audio device settings in the top right corner, turn off the Dubler Dynamic Virtual MIDI Output and select IAC Driver Bus 1 or whatever you named the IAC Driver from the drop-down menu.
6. You can now select the MIDI input as the IAC Driver in order to connect Dubler to your chosen Software.
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