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Getting Started with MPC (Mac)

In this page we’ll be getting Dubler setup with MPC. This page is for the Mac version of MPC

The first thing to note is that if you’re on Mac, MPC doesn’t recognise Dubler’s virtual MIDI output. We’re currently working on a fix for this however as a workaround you’ll need to setup an IAC Driver in order to connect Dubler with MPC. You can find our page on how to setup an IAC Driver here.

Once you have setup the IAC Driver make sure you have the Dubler application open, and check that the Dubler mic is connected. The Vochlea logo at the top of the application will light up green if the mic is connected.
In Dubler, from the settings in the top right corner, turn off the Dubler Dynamic Virtual MIDI Output and select IAC Driver Bus 1 or whatever you named the IAC Driver from the drop-down menu.
Once this is done open the preferences in MPC
Head to MIDI / Sync and select Control for IAC Driver Bus 1 or whatever you have named the IAC.
Next head to the Audio tab in preferences and make sure that you’re buffer size is at 128 samples or below. This will ensure low latency whilst using Dubler
You can now exit preferences. On the track you want to control select the IAC Driver on the Input Port
Below this you can also select the Input Channel you want to receive information from. You can change the MIDI channel allocation within Dubler, however by default:

MIDI Channel 1 receives information from the PITCH side of Dubler
MIDI Channel 10 receives information from the TRIGGERS side of Dubler

If you’re controlling drums you’ll then want to select Channel 10 as this will be your triggers. For pitched Instruments you’ll want to select Channel 1 to control via the pitch wheel
Dubler is now ready to use with MPC!
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