Control Dials

One of Dubler’s core features is the ability to control effects and parameters in your DAW using your voice. Dubler does this by mapping your vocal characteristics to 4 dials in Dubler, which in turn send out MIDI CC information to your DAW.
The control dials are separated into 4 sections. ‘AAA’ ‘EEE’ ‘OOO’ and ‘ENV.’ The dials on the first three are raised depending on how close you are to that specific vowel. The ENV dial refers to the envelope, meaning it will track the intensity or volume of your voice.

These dials can be linked to any midi mappable parameter within your DAW and work in just the same way as turning a physical knob on a traditional MIDI controller. You can find out how to map the control dials depending on what DAW you are using by following the videos on our setting up with your DAW category

In the Assign tab you can change the range, CC output and CC number for each dial
The slider on the left of each dial allows you to change the minimum and maximum range of that vowel. For example if you find that you can’t get one vowel all the way to the top, you can lower the Max, allowing you to use the full range.

The slider on the right changes the CC output, remapping the whole dial to fit within a set CC range. For example if you didn’t want a cutoff to go above a set amount you could lower the maximum CC value.
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