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Connecting Dubler To Hardware

As well as controlling plugins and VSTs Dubler can also be used to control MIDI-compatible hardware such as drum machines and synthesizers.

Here’s an example of us controlling a Roland TR-8 using Dubler:
If your hardware has 5 pin or USB MIDI capabailities then you will be able to control it with Dubler via your computer.

If your hardware doesn’t have have a USB connection but an older 5 pin DIN connecter then there are a few options to connect your hardware and computer:

  • USB to MIDI Interface : One of the simplest, and cheapest, options is a USB to MIDI interface. These can often come as just one cable with a USB connection at one end and a 5 pin connection at the other

  • Audio Interface with MIDI i/o: You may have an audio interface with MIDI in and out capabilities. If this is the case then you can simply connect a normal 5 pin cable to the back of the interface

Once your hardware is connected you can control it just by using the Dubler app, or you could also use an external instrument track in your specific DAW.

When using the Dubler app turn off the virtual Dubler Dynamic Virtual MIDI output and from the MIDI output drop-down menu select your USB to MIDI interface.
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