Vochlea Music launch Dubler 2

2 min read • 26th Oct 2021

A game-changing software-only voice to MIDI desktop application that allows you to turn your musical ideas into reality, using the one instrument you’ve used since birth— the voice.

What’s new in Dubler 2?

1. More Accessible: Dubler 2 will be software-only.

2. Use Any Microphone: A new calibration process allows you to make Dubler 2 compatible with your preferred microphone.

Dubler 2 Welcome Interface

3. Customisable Audio Settings: Allows for professional set-ups with advanced audio interfaces.

A visual comparison of the Dubler 1 and Dubler 2 audio interfaces, highlighting their design differences and similarities

4. Inbuilt Audio: A selection of synth presets and an 808 sample pack, allows you to play with Dubler 2 without connecting to a DAW (a DAW is still required for recording).

"An overview of the Dubler 2 Audio Interface, featuring a compact and sleek design with multiple ports and controls clearly visible. The interface is depicted against a neutral background, emphasizing its user-friendly layout and modern aesthetic.

5. Scales: At least 14 new scales added, and improved key detection and suggestion.

Dubler 2 improved key detection and suggestion interface

6. Advanced Chords: Library of chord presets, voicing options, custom chord options and more.

Dubler 2 Advance Chords

7. Advanced Pitch Bend: Featuring; IntelliBend— a smart pitch bend that will anchor you to a note until you want to bend away from it and TruBend— an true-to-voice pitch bend option.

Dubler 2 Advance Pitch Bend

8. CPU Improvements: A completely rebuilt engine with performance improvements, making Dubler 2 ultra light on CPU.

9. A New UI: A more intuitive tab-based UI and design— making Dubler 2 easier to navigate.

Dubler 2 New UI

For more information about Dubler 2, head straight to vochlea.com!