Voice-to-Guitar With Dubler 2

2 min read • 23rd Jan 2024

Ranging from slow acoustic arpeggios to distorted solos, here are some of our favorite Dubler 2 videos in which Voice-to-MIDI is used to play guitar sounds.  

Voice-to-Guitar With Dubler 2

In this first video Elmer Abapo demonstrates how to create more realistic souding guitar parts by layering multiple melodies and extending notes to add sustain:

In the next video Aykan from Team Vochlea records a full guitar solo using our MIDI Capture plugin, which cleans up the MIDI you record by getting rid of any short error notes:

In video number three Elmer again uses an acoustic guitar software instrument to record multiple arpeggio parts, but this time he adds a synth lead and bassline as well:

This fourth video is a 'highlights' version of our full Producing Rock With Dubler 2 tutorial! Aykan uses Dubler 2's Triggers, Chords, and Pitch features to play in acoustic drums, synth pad, bass, and guitar parts: 

In the final video Elmer again shows off his prowess with singing acoustic guitar lines, while also using Dubler 2's Triggers function to beatbox MIDI drums to life: