Vochlea Chats With... QSTV

7 min read • 7th Jun 2021
Vochlea Chats With... QSTV

We sat down with producers and media entrepreneurs Marcus and Vicky from QSTV to talk about their first experiences Dubler and their plans for a post-pandemic future...

Welcome! Please introduce yourselves to our Vochlea Blog readers.
M: I’m Marcus Machado I’m a guitarist, artist, producer and one half of Mach 7 Muzik.

V: And I’m Vicky Casis, and I’m a music producer and also one half of Mach 7 Muzik, and we’re the creators of QSTV.

How did you find using Dubler for your producer's corner segment?
M: For me it was amazing. It was the first time using the (Dubler) microphone, I’d never used it before. My sister (Vicky) told me about this mic. She said it’s got crazy sounds, so as I was experimenting with it I used it more for beatboxing and coming up with a groove. I added some guitar on top of it and it was great! It was a lot of fun.

V: For me, using the Dubler was a dream come true. This is the easiest, fastest way to come up with ideas and just lay it out on whatever DAW you’re using. So, it’s definitely like a producer’s dream to have something where you can come up with something super fast. I found it great to use.

Did anything surprise you about using Dubler?
M: The reflection of… anything that you pick up, I picks up automatically. So, it’s like any mimic or sound that you’re doing it picks up very, very fast. That was amazing. And then also to get into the strings and the different sounds that the Dubler can offer, it really surprised me how many crazy sounds you can do with the Dubler.

V: Same with me. The fact that I can use any sound in my DAW to mimic and to use in my projects; it’s crazy. It surprised me. I can use a kick or use a violin sound or anything with my voice, so that definitely surprised me.

What's your favourite piece of tech that you've discovered lately?
M: It has to be the Dubler. I have to really say that, because this is something that I never heard of before. I’d seen little videos here and there, but I’d never really experimented with it, or even really checked it out. But I would really say the Dubler is the new piece of equipment I discovered. Also going through the sounds, going through the variety of stuff that it has to offer - it’s a producer’s dream - like a lot of us are saying. You can do anything with it - it’s hands on. Whatever comes to mind, you can get it out within seconds.

V: I’m a minimalist, so I only use a little bit of gear. But when I got the Dubler, that’s like my favourite piece I’m using to create and to come up with new ideas.

What kind of direction do you feel that music tech is moving in these days?
M: I feel in music tech there’s a lot of stuff to be discovered, there’s a lot of new equipment that’s coming out. I’m figuring out how there’s a lot of stuff you can do from home, you don’t have to go to a studio. The access of getting music equipment these days is very fast. So, I feel like it’s moving the the right direction and there’s so much stuff you can get, it’s like - really when it comes down to it, it’s what you really want as a producer and as an artist. A lot of people have minimum stuff, a lot of artists want a lot of stuff, but I just feel that we have a variety of different things that we can pick from in the music tech world.

V: Technology is advancing, it’s continuing to advance, and the sky’s the limit. People come up with creative ideas every single day, and new stuff is being created in technology in general. Specifically for music, there’s so much more to come in the future, so it’s going in the right direction, I’d say. And it’s making it easier for creatives to create.

What kind of plans do you have for QSTV this year?
M: Oh man! We have a lot! QSTV was a show that started out during the pandemic to give musicians a platform. Now it’s getting a little bit better and things are opening up, we finally get to do QSTV in front of people, so we’re going to start having weekly shows, have different events, it’s gonna be crazy. Really looking forward to what we have in store for this year.

Also we just finished doing our first “QSTV Presents: The Cypher Jam Session” where we had all musicians from New York and all over came down, and we’re looking forward to doing more. And looking forward to just showcasing the producers and creatives…

V: From all over!

M: From all over, so be on the lookout for that. There will be a lot of cool live streaming stuff, we can’t give away all the details yet.

V: And special guests!

M: And special guests, so it’s a lot of cool things that will be happening for QSTV this year, so tune in, stay tuned, follow us and thank you guys so much for having us.

You can watch the full interview on our YouTube channel now.