Vochlea Chats With... Joe Blaxx

2 min read • 9th Jul 2021
joe blaxx
We invited Joe Blaxx of QSTV to share his thoughts on the Dubler, with beat-tastic results!

Welcome! Please introduce yourselves to our Vochlea Blog readers.
What’s going on! This is Joe Blaxx and we’re here to talk about The Dubler.

How did you find using Dubler for your producer's corner segment?
So , my first time using the Dubler for the Producer’s Corner segment (on QSTV), that was awesome. It made it such a breeze to get through and it was just something new - it brought new ideas out of me - so that’s always a plus.

Did anything surprise you about using Dubler?
The one thing that surprised me about the Dubler was how easy it was to use it. In the video you see me use it for the first time in real time. So, y’know, I made a video the first time I used it, I liked it, I had a good time. It was easy to get through and get really creative with it. A plus for any new addition to your production setup.

What's your favourite piece of tech that you've discovered lately?
My favourite piece of tech right now? I would have to say… it would have to be the Dubler. Making it easy for me to get my ideas out, as a producer and as a creative. And that’s what I love about it - this is a dream come true.

What kind of direction do you feel that music tech is moving in these days?
Right now, these days, I feel like with tech… the main thing about it is making it easier for creatives to get their ideas out as quick as possible and as easy as possible. Both things you got right here in the Dubler. You just go from your brain and spit it out. It does it all for you. What more could you ask for?

What kind of plans do you have for QSTV this year?
For QSTV, we got a lot of things planned. We got the Cypher (series - see more here: https://vochlea.com/blog/vochlea-chats-with...-qstv) about to start. We had one and is was a great success. Of course we have different projects by all the artists that’s down with the crew. When you come to the Cypher, you’ll be catching performances by all of us who’s down with the crew. So just stay tuned and you’ll get to see what we got going on bringing New York back. Peace!