Dubler v2.1.3 MIDI Capture Update

1 min read • 23rd Aug 2023
You can now capture cleaner chord progressions with the Dubler MIDI Capture plugin!
We’re very excited to announce the latest update to Dubler 2’s companion plugin. With v2.1.3 MIDI Capture now works with Dubler’s Chords tab as well, allowing you to record and clean up chord MIDI instantly.

Watch the below video to see how it works or read below for a full walkthrough:
To record chords with Dubler MIDI Capture you need to enable chords in Dubler 2. Also make sure to spend the time customizing your chord mappings or simply use one of our chords presets!
Dubler MIDI Capture Chords
In your DAW, insert Dubler’s companion plugin Dubler MIDI Capture on an empty MIDI channel.
Dubler MIDI Capture Chords
Insert an instrument or plugin on another MIDI Channel and record arm the channel with your instrument.
Dubler MIDI Capture Chords
Click ‘Enable Recording’ in Dubler MIDI Capture and hit spacebar to start recording. The notes of the chords you sing will be highlighted in blue on the MIDI Capture pitch wheel.
Dubler MIDI Capture Chords
Once you’re done, you can toggle between the Raw or Clean version of your MIDI. All you have to do is then drag the MIDI file to your MIDI instrument’s track.
Dubler MIDI Capture Chords
The clean version will do away with any small errors or short chords that were a result of transitioning between notes while singing.
Dubler MIDI Capture Chords
We can’t wait to hear the great chord progressions you come up with using this feature! If you have any questions leave a comment on the video or contact us at help@vochlea.co.uk
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