Dubler 2 For Singer-Songwriters

3 min read • 15th Jun 2022

In this article, we’re going to look at how singer-songwriters can use Dubler 2 to easily produce and finish full songs!

Dubler 2 is software that allows you to perform any instrument with your voice. This includes drums, melodies, chords, basslines, effects and much more.

This is made possible via a process called Voice-to-MIDI. The way this works is that the notes you sing are converted to MIDI data.

This allows you to perform any instrument or sample in your music-making program/digital audio workstation (DAW).

Dubler 2 works with all DAW’s including Logic Pro X, Ableton Live, FL Studio, Cubase etc.

Check out Seids’ quick demonstrations of Voice-to-MIDI:

She also provides a more detailed explanation of how to set up Dubler 2:

A microphone is required to use Dubler 2 and we definitely recommend dynamic microphones. An alternative is to purchase the Dubler 2 Studio Kit, which comes with its own USB microphone that is optimized for use with Dubler 2.

Check out Seids’ Unboxing video:

Dubler 2’s melodies really allow you to use the expression of your voice. Here’s an example provided by Spritely who used the Pitch Bend feature in one of her new songs:

One of our users’ favorite aspects of Dubler 2 are the chords. Phehello uses the chord feature to build up a track in this video:

Here’s a breakdown of Dubler 2’s Chords tab by Spritely:

Performing drums with your voice can add a natural groove to your songs. L.Dre demonstrates:

Some of our users have used Dubler 2 for live performances. Beatox’ performance never gets old:

Dubler 2 is also great for live-looping. dolltr!ck recently shared this super performance:

Here's a recent video we made in which we demonstrate using Dubler 2 to compose a song in only 5 minutes using Apple's main music-making software Logic Pro X:

If you just want to use Dubler 2 for effects, the vowel function is a great start. The program allows you to map effect parameters in your music-making software to vowels you sing. In the below video, singer and live performer Portrait XO uses vowels to add effects to her voice while singing:

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