Basslines, Melodies, and Chords With MIDI Capture 2.2.1

1 min read • 18th Jan 2024
3 Videos With MIDI Capture
Get inspiration from three of our newest videos about Dubler 2's companion plugin MIDI Capture! Three different producers demonstrate how to compose basslines, melodies AND chords while also making use of MIDI Capture's intelligent key suggestion feature.

Elmer Abapo - Basslines With Key Detection

LA-based Dubler 2 maestro Elmer Abapo uses MIDI Capture's new key suggestion feature to find the perfect bassline!

Seids - Singing Melodies

Producer, singer, and Logic Pro expert Seids uses MIDI Capture to add a bell melody to her track!

Aykan - Writing Chords Over Melodies

Aykan from team Vochlea uses MIDI Capture's key detection to set chords in Dubler and record a progression over a melody!

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Aykan Esen

Digital Content Creator at Vochlea Music