Audio Setup Wizard Update

2 min read • 12th May 2022

One of the latest features we’ve introduced in Dubler 2's 2.0.10 update is an Audio Setup Wizard! This tool makes it easier than ever to setup Dubler with any combination of microphone, operating system and/or audio interface.

The Audio Setup Wizard will open when you first launch Dubler 2 and it will walk you through the process of configuring your audio and calibrating your microphone to the software.

Dubler - Setup your Audio

For first time users, the Audio Setup Wizard now forms part of the first time calibration process. For returning users, you can access it through the audio settings menu, marked by a cog, at the top of the interface.

The Wizard will also walk through features like using Dubler 2’s Inbuilt Audio to be able to hear the internal drum and synth sounds and it will even suggest links to our Youtube videos in which we breakdown the calibration and audio setup processes.

Dubler ASIO4ALL setings

It covers every setup scenario including using your own microphone with or without an external audio interface and using the Dubler USB microphone with or without an external audio interface.

This feature will especially facilitate setup for Windows users who aren’t using external audio interfaces! This is because Dubler requires an ASIO driver for low latency performance and, without an external audio interface, the ideal option is to install the free ASIO4ALL audio driver.

The Audio Setup Wizard contains instructions for setting up ASIO4ALL as well as pictures of its control panel, clearly laying out the correct settings.

Dubler - Setup Your Audio

This feature was developed and introduced based on feedback from our community so if you have any features you’d like to see in future updates be sure to let us know!

Dubler 2 - Calibration Screen