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The Dubler Software is a virtual MIDI controller for Mac and PC that’s compatible with any music production software or Digital Audio Workstation [DAW]. Setup is minimal, opening up Dubler is just like plugging in a MIDI keyboard or MPC. Behind Dubler lies ground-breaking technology. Our custom AI Audio Engine performs real-time vocal analysis. It detects both pitched and percussive sounds, along with vocal timbre and envelope. This is then translated in real-time to MIDI information— unlocking your voice as an intuitive tool for music creation.

Dubler software


Intelligent recognition
Pitch tracking
Percussive recognition
Auto key detection
Vocal note selection
Chord generation
Intuitive control
Control pitch bend
Vowel control of CC values
Velocity responsive
Envelope following
Tech specs
Multi MIDI channel output
Compatible with any DAW
Compatible with external MIDI hardware
Learns your voice
Real-time low latency

What's in the box?

Dubler low-latency USB microphone
1.2m (4ft) USB cable
Dubler software for Windows / MacOS

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Is Dubler just pitch to MIDI?
Can I use something other than my voice to trigger MIDI?
What is the latency like of Dubler Studio Kit?
How many computers can I install Dubler on?
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