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Dubler is a virtual MIDI controller that works with any music production software or digital audio workstation (DAW). The sounds you make are translated into MIDI information in real time— unlocking your voice as an intuitive tool for music creation.

singer with Dubler microphone

UPDATEDPitch tracking

Dubler's AI powered technology tracks the pitch of your voice and translates it into MIDI notation in real-time.

Pitch tracking

Percussive recognition

Train Dubler to trigger samples or drum racks, based on your own percussive input sounds.

Auto key detection

Dubler's auto key detection can automatically detect the key you’re singing and lock you to that key dynamically.

Vocal note restriction

Create a custom note restriction easily, quickly and intuitively using Dubler’s note detector.

Chord generation

Generate chords with your voice using a key restriction and Dubler’s chord mode.

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What's in the box?

  • Dubler USB microphone
  • 1.2m (4ft) USB (A to B) cable
  • Dubler software for Windows / MacOS
  • Ableton Live Lite License
USB cable
Dubler microphone

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